Air Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser 600ml


Air Humidifer and Aroma Diffuser with Adjustable RGB Lighting and 10 hours continuous use!


Air Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser 600ml

💡 Adjustable RGB Lighting
🕙 10 hours continuous use

Size: 600ml Capacity

Delight in the natural goodness of essential oil with our 600ml Muji-Inspired Aroma Diffuser. With its flame-free operation and ultrasonic vibration, indulge in safety as you take in the scents of heaven and earth.
Built with silence in mind, this humidifier hums along in the background for up to ten hours, delivering much-needed humidity for dry and arid Singapore, allowing for smooth, uncracked skin. Furthermore, with integrated ozonolysis, this air purifier harnesses modern chemical advances to create free radicals, exterminating bacteria and coronaviruses in one electronic motion.

Tapping on cutting edge LED technology, this Air Humidifier harbours the powers of a chameleon in the frame of a truncated cylinder. With gamer-grade RGB lighting, our Air Humidifier will enchant youth with the wonders of RGB and captivate the elderly with the elixir of longevity.
With all our profits channelled to charity, relish your aromatherapy sessions in guiltfree bliss, never having to worry about inadvertently lining the pockets of avaricious misers. As you fill your nostrils with the decadence of vaporised aromatics, be reassured in the knowledge that your money will be filling the stomachs of Singapore’s needy.

Delivery Details

📦 Meetup 🚚 Delivery (QXPRESS) +$4.30

About Our Cause

We’re a YFC (Youth for Causes) team 🤩working with Food From The Heart to raise funds to distribute food packages 🍱to the less fortunate. All profit we earn will go to Food From The Heart.

Follow us @project.feed.a.lot for more details! 🤩


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