Events and Outreach

E-sports Competition

Organized in partnership with West Coast CC and endorsed by communities such as FIFA Singapore Facebook Group, a series of E-sports tournaments were held in August-September 2020.

Around ~30 participants took part in the competitions, and it is estimated that the outreach from posters, social media, and by word-of-mouth reached around 1000 people.

Mobile Legends Tournament

Date: 22, 23, 29, 30 August (2 weekends before Sept hols), 5 Sep – 8 Sep
Time: 9am-7pm
Venue: Online

1st Place: $250 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
2nd Place: $150 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
3rd Place: $100 NTUC/Capitaland voucher

Qualifiers: 22, 23, 29, 30 August
It will be held in a best of 1, seeded double-elimination tournament format. Moderators will assign teams opponents, as well as time slots for the matches.

Group Best of 16/Quarterfinals: 29, 30 August

Semifinals/Finals: 5, 6 September
They will be held in a best of 3, seeded single-elimination tournament format.

FIFA Tournament

Date: 8 Sep – 13 Sep (Last 6 days of the Sep Holidays)
Time: 9am-7pm
Venue: Online

1st place prize: $50 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
2nd place prize: $40 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
3rd place prize: $30 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
4th place prize: $20 NTUC/Capitaland voucher

The version of FIFA played is FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4. The fixtures will be a world cup format of round robin (in groups of 4), then knockouts (round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals, 3rd-4th playoffs), with 6 min per half matches. Players will share IDs and form custom multiplayer matches.

Round Robin Matches: 8-10 Sep
Round of 16 Matches/Quarterfinals: 11-12 Sep
Semifinals/Grand Finals/3rd-4th Playoffs: 13 Sep

Jackbox Tournament

Date: 22, 23, 29, 30 August (2 weekends before Sept Hols)
Time: 9am-7pm
Venue: Online
Game details:

  • Sign up as groups of 3-5 (no individual sign-ups)
  • A 2.5h timeslot will be allocated where you can play the games over a Zoom session hosted by us

NTUC vouchers will be given to top 5 individual winners. The prizes distribution is $50, $40, $30, $20, $10. The order of the winners will be determined by a Lucky draw among the top 5 players.


Poetry Contest

This competition was opened and publicised to all primary to JC students and was officially acknowledged by 20 schools. It was also featured on Straits Times STLife post, Arts Republic Singapore, and endorsed by the Singapore Poetry Festival and PoetryWalls Facebook page​. In total, 102 submissions were received.