E-sports Tournaments

Signups are now open! Sign up quickly as spots are limited! 🙂
Entry Fee: $5/player (All proceeds go towards Food From the Heart)
Note that due to overlapping tournament dates, 1 player can only participate in 1 tournament.
Experienced gamers and non-gamers alike are welcome! (Details about spectating will be released closer to the date)

Mobile Legends Tournament

Date: 22, 23, 29, 30 August (2 weekends before Sept hols), 5 Sep – 8 Sep
Time: 9am-7pm
Venue: Online

1st Place: $250 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
2nd Place: $150 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
3rd Place: $100 NTUC/Capitaland voucher

Qualifiers: 22, 23, 29, 30 August
It will be held in a best of 1, seeded double-elimination tournament format. Moderators will assign teams opponents, as well as time slots for the matches.

Group Best of 16/Quarterfinals: 29, 30 August

Semifinals/Finals: 5, 6 September
They will be held in a best of 3, seeded single-elimination tournament format.

FIFA Tournament

Date: 8 Sep – 13 Sep (Last 6 days of the Sep Holidays)
Time: 9am-7pm
Venue: Online

1st place prize: $50 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
2nd place prize: $40 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
3rd place prize: $30 NTUC/Capitaland voucher
4th place prize: $20 NTUC/Capitaland voucher

The version of FIFA played is FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4. The fixtures will be a world cup format of round robin (in groups of 4), then knockouts (round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals, 3rd-4th playoffs), with 6 min per half matches. Players will share IDs and form custom multiplayer matches.

Round Robin Matches: 8-10 Sep
Round of 16 Matches/Quarterfinals: 11-12 Sep
Semifinals/Grand Finals/3rd-4th Playoffs: 13 Sep

Jackbox Tournament

Date: 22, 23, 29, 30 August (2 weekends before Sept Hols)
Time: 9am-7pm
Venue: Online
Game details:

  • Sign up as groups of 3-5 (no individual sign-ups)
  • A 2.5h timeslot will be allocated where you can play the games over a Zoom session hosted by us

NTUC vouchers will be given to top 5 individual winners. The prizes distribution is $50, $40, $30, $20, $10. The order of the winners will be determined by a Lucky draw among the top 5 players.


Photography Contest

Poetry Contest